Baking Bread at Home

In recent years, people prefer to buy bread from the store, and few people bake and eat homemade bread. But homemade bread has a number of advantages, it is natural and ecologically clean, it t is useful and tasty.

There are opinions that it is very difficult to bake bread, but this is not true.

We will break all stereotypes and we will make tasty and delicious French bread with our easy and wonderful recipe:


About this Recipe


French baguette long and thin bread, soft inside, crispy on the outside, often sprinkled with flour. The standard baguette is 65 cm long, 5-6 cm wide and 3-4 cm high. The weight is about 250 grams. It is one of the unique symbols of France.

Baguette has the ability to dry by the end of the day. According to the legend, it is cut by hand, not with a knife. In French bread shops you can now buy different types of baguette, different types and flavors.


  • Water 80 ml
  • Yeast 15 gr
  • Milk 270 ml
  • Olive oil 20 gr
  • Sugar 1 tbsp
  • Salt 1 tbsp
  • Flour 450 gr
  • Sesame to taste
  • Cumin to taste

This recipe is easy to make and very tasty. It is convenient for entertaining guests and feeding them deliciously.

Dissolve the yeast in hot water, add salt, sugar, milk and flour. Knead a soft dough, cover and put in a warm place to mature and double the volume.


French Baguette is rich in carbohydrates and vitamins, but it also contains a certain amount of protein. The bread is low in calories compared to all other breads.

  • Protien 35% 35%
  • Carbs 76% 76%
  • Calories 12% 12%

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Divide the baked dough into 3 parts (a real French baguette should be at least 65 cm long, but we make it the size of an oven dish).

Roll each part of the dough into a rectangle and spread olive oil on it.

Step 2

 Then we roll out the dough. After all this, roll the dough again, rub it with olive oil and roll it again.

Step 3

 Dip one of the rolls of dough into a spice, sesame, cumin or flour. Put the baguettes in a frying pan covered with greaseproof paper and make oblique cuts with a sharp knife. Cover, leave for 15-20 minutes.

Step 4

Preheat the oven to 230 degrees and put a container full of water. Put the frying pan in the oven with buckets, lower the temperature to 185 degrees, and after 10 minutes, take out the container full of water and continue baking for 20-25 minutes.

Step 5

Cover the baked baguettes with a towel and cool in a frying pan.

The baguette is ready, you can enjoy it. Bon Appetite!

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